Welcome to the home of
Katandi Media and Entertainment.

Katandi Media and Entertainment believes that ALL people should access and the ability to achieve their dreams and goals within the array of the Entertainment industry. It is our goal to make quality films and to eventually be a not for profit training ground for those stepping into the industry. We make films for the sole purpose of the love and passion of filmmaking.

Katandi Media and Entertainment started off as C’est La Vie Entertainment and Media, however we decided to make the company a symbol that was more personal and meaningful, as well as told an empowering story about the owner Katerina du Lac. Katandi is about being one with oneself and going through the process of renewal, hope, love and healing in ones life. Katandi is about taking a stand for ones life and individuality while living in the present but never forget the past. Its about LIVING.

It is our hope and desire to create quality entertainment in an array of genres that promote living and following ones dreams, and taking a stand for life.

While we are a newer company in the matter of time we have been established and the work we are doing, the dreams and zeal behind it is not. We are always looking for new partnerships that allow all parties to be enhanced my the talents that are contributed. Katandi Media and Entertainment is currently team up with New Ogden Cinema to create and promote Utah filmmaking. Please join us on our wonderful journey of filmmaking.

Katerina G. du Lac, owner and founder of Katandi Media and Entertainment, is a producer, director, writer, and actress, and not above working as crew. Katerina started off in the entertainment industry in high school as a thespian, and continued on in theatre acting and modeling. In 2008, she received her break in the film industry, after auditioning for a role in the B Class Short horror film, “The Sex Doll She Bitch.” While she did not land a role she was asked to come on board as casting assistant, and then 2nd 2nd AD, and the personal assistant to Melinda Chilton. On set she met and networked with with wonderful people, and caught the film making bug. Since then to name a few, Katerina has been the Director of Production for 5 episodes of the Comcast Music Scence, key production assistant, 1st and 2nd AD, had a role in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, “Joseph Smith the Restoration,” Currently she is playing Detective Thomasita Wilson on the new soap “Proper Manors.” Katerina and Katandi Media and Entertainment currently has multiple films by creation in production and development at this time.