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Take a Stand (short)

Andrew and young boy who is openly gay, is bullied and hated by his family and peers for being gay. After a final straw, Andrew attempts to commit suicide. He is taken to heaven to heaven where Christ informs him its not his time yet and he was created as the person he is meant to be. He goes back and takes a Stand for his life and others.

Take a Stand Documentary Series

Stories and Accounts of people taking a Stand for you they are and also for others

Old Fashioned Christmas Story (feature)

When the local mine closes, leaving his family’s future uncertain, Noel declares that Christmas is “Humbug.” Little does he know that his careless word could spell the end of Christmas! Can Noel and his sister Joy save Christmas from the evil Pumpkin witch and her minions of humbugs? Author and illustrator James Weidman spins a delightful tale of Christmas magic for the young and the young at-heart.


In Development


A Trail Home (feature)

When Jennifer’s husband leaves and divorces her, its up to two friends to get her out of the house and to take her up to the mountains to a secluded cabin. There she finds an old journal and Book and Mormon on the dusty shelves. Through the writings of a young pioneer woman Jessica Coventry, Jennifer finds hope and learns what true love is as she develops a relationship with Heavenly Father and joins the LDS Church

Archangel Fallen (feature)

The last Archangel Guardian of Truth and Virtue has fallen captured by the Sentinels of the Black Moon. The Guardian is captured into antimatter chamber and the City immediately turns black. Where control stood by a thread, now chaos reigns. People of Megiddo live in fear of doing outside of the ordinary and free thinking for fear of being captured and sentenced to death by Sentinels. One boy possessed by great gifts is sought out by the sentinels as prophecized he could be the guiding light and set the Guardians free.

Beverly’s Hope (feature)

A movie about love, hope and the transformation of lives. When a couple invites a gift of adoption into their lives, by adopting a young girl, they learn what the Plan of Happiness really means for their lives. LDS themed

Songs of the South (feature)

The nation is in uproar as talks about an imminent Civil War approaching. Molly a young southern belle of a wealthy plantation meets a young man at neighboring plantation bbq and they begin courting. There is only problem, he’s an yankee, with the war coming and a few weeks before the wedding. Molly must choose between family and the one she loves. With no where to turn, she turns to songs of the plantation slaves and she tries to learn what love is and find who she is as a person

A Flight With Santa (short)

When on of the reindeer ask Santa if he can join him in delivering of presents and to see what he actually does, the embark on a non typical Christmas Eve adventure

It’s All In the Pie (short)

The best pumpkin pies are made with love and something a little bit extra

Journey In Time (feature)

When Charles and Sarah comes home from BYU to San Francisco he introduces and announces his engagement to his 3 friends at a local coffee shop. Sarah and Charles tell how they met in a Family History class and how they both have family from Ireland. Andrew jokes that maybe they all should do Family History to meet someone. Sarah thinks that’s a great idea and that they should backpack across Europe to the lands where their families have come from as a little treasure hunt before her and Charles were to get married.


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